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Wood Fence

Salem Fence Inc. uses #2 grade or better, kiln dried and treated, yellow pine on all its picket, privacy, and formal rail fence. Horizontal support framing uses a 2x6 runner and our treated wood posts are set with cement. Wood gate hardware is heavy-duty steel that is powder coated black. We offer a variety styles and heights to choose from.

"Splitrail" fence is available in 2 and 3 rail heights using treated pine posts and "diamond" shaped rails. By adding a 2x2 galvanized mesh wire to the inside of the fence line, children and family pets can be contained without an obstructed view.

Additional Photos
Formal post and rail fence constructed with treated 2x6 rails, 4x4 posts with decorative tops, and 1x4 cover boards.

Bracket attachment for removable section.

6ft. Dog Ear with single gate.

Formal rail with Tanglewood top.

Tanglewood post top.

Formal rail with Virginia gothic top.

Virginia gothic top.